Hi everyone! 

We are back in Canada! It's great to be "home". We spent the morning cleaning up, packing, and , and getting in a few last photo shoots (this team is big into photo shoots) at YWAM. After lunch we loaded up and headed to the airport and had a great travel day. Just one flight, direct from Belize to Toronto... and here we are! 

It is quite a contrast! This morning we woke up in the jungle, and now we are in a hotel in downtown Toronto. There are things we miss about the jungle, and things to be thankful for about being in a beautiful hotel. We miss the smells and sounds of the jungle, but are happy to not have to do a nightly bug check before we go to sleep. We are blessed to be here, and excited to get started with our first debrief session tomorrow morning. This is going to be a very fun weekend, and a very important time for us to unpack everything we have just learned and experienced. 

The blog posts won't be as frequent this weekend. We are going to take this time to really focus in and enjoy our last couple of days together as a team. But I will post at least one more time before we arrive home on Tuesday afternoon. 

It has been a LONG day, so we are off to bed. Thanks so much for the encouraging comments and all the love!

Prayer Requests:

-continue to pray for Ali (whose cold has resurfaced), Ella, and Hailee who all have colds. And please pray for the rest of the team that we don't also get sick. 

-pray for an amazing time together this weekend

-pray for our hearts and minds, that we can process our experience in Belize and really get the most out of our last few days together

Blessings to you all! It is nice to be back in the same country as you!

The team

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