We Are So Blessed

Hey friends! This is just a quick note to let you know that we had an UNREAL day! We took the day off and headed out to the islands for some snorkeling and sight seeing. It was so amazing! Snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea is an unbelievable experience. The water is crystal clear and there is so much to see. We went to 2 different spots to snorkel. The first spot is right by the barrier reef and there is so much amazing coral. The second spot is called Shark/Ray Alley... and yes... we swam with sharks! It was SO FUN!! There were about 15 nurse sharks and at least 20 sting rays that we got to hang out with. It was a bucket list kind of experience!

After snorkeling we headed to the island called Caye Caulker. It is a big tourist spot. VERY fun and completely different than where we have been staying. The kids had an excellent time exploring.

And just to keep the bucket list of scary experiences rolling we got back to the base and went on a tarantula hunt (parents... I promise you it was safe!) We found a very lovely and cooperative tarantula and took turns holding it. Cause if you already swam with sharks today then why not.

We had so many laughs today. Like from the gut full on laughs. It was an incredible day and we are so blessed!

Prayer Requests

-please be praying for us as we say goodbye to the kids tomorrow. Our hearts are achy even thinkng about it.

Love to you all!

Kristin Clark6 Comments