Hard To Say Goodbye

Well... the inevitable happened. We just finished our last full day in Belize. It is absolutely CRAZY how fast time flies. We are going to sleep in the jungle one last time, and tomorrow we will be back in Canada to begin our debrief weekend. 

Today was a great day (seems like I say that everyday!). We headed to the Kid's Home a little bit earlier this morning to get a start on the last slab of cement. The team worked so hard all morning. The weather wasn't always cooperative, we got a few good downpours of rain, but the team worked through it. They were able to finish the floor for the school building! And in a bit of a plot twist, we found out that the path had to be extended around the bend a bit and they finished that too. They are ROCK STARS! And they are very tired.

After lunch we took a little break and headed into town for a Cholis break, and then back to the Kid's Home for our final hours with the kiddos. It was a cool and rainy afternoon, so we just hung out inside and spent some quality time with our little friends. It was so good to just be together. And then... we had to say goodbye. With heavy hearts we gave our last hugs and headed out the front doors. It is tough to leave and not know if you will come back... or when. But we are deeply thankful for the experience of knowing these kids and getting to love them for a little bit of time. It is an incredible gift that all of you have given to us and supported us in, and without you it never would have been possible. So THANK YOU. You don't even know what it means to us that you have gotten us here. We only wish we could share this experience more tangibly with all of you. But all we can say is we love you, and thanks. 

Tomorrow we arrive in Toronto at 8:00pm. I will update late tomorrow night (after we clear customs and head to our hotel) to let you know we have made it safely! 

Prayer Requests:

-it has been a very busy week, and we are tired. Pray for renewed strength as we sleep tonight. 

-There are a few sniffles and coughs starting to surface. Pray that we could all avoid catching this cold. And pray for Hailee and Ella as they are not feeling awesome tonight. 

-Pray for a safe and hassle free travel day tomorrow. 

Canada... we are coming at you!

With so much love and gratitude, 

The team

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