Kid's Club and Laughs

Hey everyone! We're heading into our last 3 days here in Belize... how can that be possible? It has definitely hit us today that the next few days are going to fly by, and we are all trying really hard to soak in every moment in this awesome place. 

Today was such a fun day! We started off with breakfast at the local market. Every Tuesday and Saturday is market day in Belmopan, where most people in the city shop for their fruits and vegetables. There is so much to see, and really delicious food everywhere. M but ost of us enjoyed a breakfast of eggs, beans, and fry jacks (deep fried dough) but chicken for breakfast is definitely a thing here in Belize so some people added stewed chicken. And to top it off there is freshly squeezed juices... orange, watermelon, lime. There is nothing better! After breakfast the team enjoyed wandering around through the market and bartering for some souvenirs. Many machettes were purchased! 

After breakfast we took a tour of the old Children's Home. In 2014 the King's Childrens' Home moved to their current location, but for 25 years previously it was located right in Belmopan. We always think it's important to show the team where the kids grew up. Their current home is very spacious, with lots of land surrounding them to run around. Their old home is incredibly small, smaller than the houses you and I live in. When they moved out of the home there were 100 kids living in it with a very front yard. I have so many amazing memories of that old house, that is where I watched all the kids grow up. But it was without a doubt WAY too small for them, and it is such a blessing that they can live in a place that provides them with the safety and space that they deserve. 

After lunch we headed out to run a Kid's Club in a little village about half an hour from where we're staying. And we had SUCH a great time! We have been visiting this Kid's Club every February for many years, and it is always so great to be back. Even though we only spend a few hours with the kids there it is hard to say goodbye at the end. The kids are so sweet, and just genuinely want to extend friendship to us. We spent about an hour playing out on their awesome playground, and then we lead a little service for them. Half of the team got up and lead a bunch of fun action songs, which the kids really got into. And the other half acted out a Bible story. And then Kendra, Belle, and Everett got up and shared a little bit of their story and what God has been doing in their life lately. We as leaders were so proud of everyone. They really shined as they lead and it was awesome to see them up in front of a crowd having so much fun. 

After we said goodbye to our sweet little friends we headed out for supper to a really amazing place in Belmopan. It was one of those nights where everything seemed funny, and we just had a really great time together. Every day this team grows stronger and stronger as we create more amazing memories together. 

Tomorrow it is back to the work site! Another day of pouring concrete and shoveling. 

Prayer Requests: 

-pray for Corwin tonight. He was feeling very sick to his stomach this evening, and had to head to bed early. Pray that he is back to his usual self by morning and whatever stomach bug he caught will quickly leave! (also... no video tonight...sorry! I know you love to see your kid's faces!)

-pray for our last 3 full days in Belize. Tomorrow and Friday we will be at the Home all day. Pray that we can work hard, keep up great energy, and truly soak in all of our remaining time with the kids there. 

Thank you everyone! We hope you are all doing great back home. 

Much love, Kristin and the team

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