Learning to Love

Good evening everyone! Time is flying… it seems like I am always sitting down at the end of the day to write the blog. We are almost halfway through our trip, and I know the second half will go twice as fast.

Today we were at the King’s home again to continue working on our project. The team poured another section of concrete in the school/church building first thing this morning.That only took a couple of hours, so for the rest of the day we continued to move rocks to create a road into the farm.

This is the point in the trip where tiredness is setting in, there are hot days full of hard work and it can feel tough to keep going. This afternoon the team hit a bit of a wall and weren’t doing a great job of communicating or encouraging each other. We came together as a team and Corwin encouraged everyone with some great words about uplifting one another and being willing to apologize and extend forgiveness when we are feeling weak. He encouraged the kids to reach out to each other and communicate how they were feeling and pray together, and then we as leaders stepped back and let them work it out. And they did! Without us there they talked about how they were feeling, apologized for anything they may have said to offend each other and then prayed together. There was no major drama to apologize for. But just some miscommunication that needed to be cleared up. As leaders we were very proud of them for coming together and being able to encourage each other in the middle of a long day. It was a great step forward for the team, and the rest of the day was so fun.

Tonight during our team debrief we read some scripture about how each of us has a very important part to play on the team. No one person is more important than the next. And we opened it up to for an encouragement circle and asked everyone to extend a word of encouragement to their team mates. It was so nice to hear them lift each other up and point out things they truly appreciate about one another. I know it is always great to hear that someone has noticed how hard you are working, or sees who you really are. And I think it was great for the team to hear from each other about how much each one is appreciated and treasured and how everyone is doing such a great job.


Tomorrow we have a busy day! We are spending the morning doing a bit of sight seeing at the market, and in the afternoon we are heading to a Kids Club about half an hour from our YWAM base to hang out with some awesome kids and share a bit about what we have been learning.

Thanks for reading, and for all of your nice comments! It’s so great to hear from our community and know you are thinking of us!

Prayer Requests:

-for a great day tomorrow at the Kids Club. Pray we can be a blessing to that community.

-spending time at the Children’s Home really makes us appreciate all we have been blessed with back home. Pray that God would continue to speak into our hearts about what it will be like to come home, that we can take away all we can from this experience

-pray for continued health and safety, and the strength to keep going when the work gets tough!

Thanks everyone! Until tomorrow….


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