Sunday Funday!

Hey everyone! We're at the end of an amazing day in Belize. The team is so tired but Sunday Funday was a huge success!!! I wish I could say we got through the whole day without rain, but it actually poured rain all morning. I thought it would take away from our fun day and plans... but it didn't! All of the older kids from the home along with the boys from our team played an epic football (soccer) match in the rain for a couple of hours. And all the kids told us that playing in the rain is way more fun than playing in the sun, so they were so excited that it was raining  and said it was the best day ever. We were getting nervous that we may not be able to do the slip n' slide after lunch because it was too cold for the little kids to get wet, but as soon as we started lunch the skies cleared up and it warmed up so we were able to slip n' slide for an hour after lunch... which was SO fun. The kids love it so much and they had so much JOY sliding and rolling around on that thing. It was awesome and so great to be a part of. We had an amazing lunch of fried chicken and nachos and cheese and after the slip n' slide we had giant ice cream sundaes.... which is a HUGE treat.

We handed out treat bags to everyone as they left and they were so excited. The team did an amazing job of including all of the kids, playing with them all day, having great conversations and making them feel loved and special. Because of the rain I think there was more opportunity to sit and chat, and play card games and board games and that allowed everyone to get to know each other better and really enjoy each other's company. It was a blessing! I know that first thing tomorrow morning the kids will all ask me how many sleeps until the next Sunday Funday.... sadly way too many to start counting. But we are thankful for today and a chance to be a part of such a fun tradition. 

After the kids left we had a couple of hours of downtime and then we ate supper and headed to church. It's always nice being a part of my Belizean church community. It is quite different than church back home, and it's cool to experience and be a part of. The team really enjoyed it, and we were so welcomed which is nice. 

Tomorrow we are heading back to the Kid's Home to continue our work project! 

Prayer Requests:

-pray for great weather tomorrow so we can continue pouring concrete!

-pray that our hearts would be open to what God is trying to teach us and show us. I know it seems like we just got here, but this week will go very fast and before we know it we will be heading home. 

-pray for continued health and safety for our team

-praise God for an awesome Sunday Funday with amazing kids

Until tomorrow... good night! 


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