We're Coming Home!

Hi everyone! I'm at our gate in Toronto with the team just waiting to board our very last flight. We're coming home! I'm sure there are many happy moms and dads and friends who are excited to see the team tonight. We are excited to see you too!

We have just finished up an amazing debrief weekend. We stayed at an incredible hotel right in downtown Toronto, and in our free time were able to see the sights of the city. We had four great sessions with our friend Omar, who guided us through how we're feeling about the trip, about coming home, and he gave us some very helpful tools for a successful re entry back into life in Saskatoon. We had a powerful night last night during our last session as we had an encouragement circle, and spoke words of love and encouragement to each other and prayed for each other. There were many tears shed, and it was such a beautiful way to end our time together.

I know there are some mixed feelings about coming home. Some are excited to get back. Some are sad to be ending this adventure. But most of all we are thankful for this opportunity. We are very aware that this trip could not have happened without all of you... our community. It was a gift from you to us, and because of your support our lives have been changed. THANK YOU for all of the many ways you have supported us to make this trip happen, and for the many ways you will support us when we're home. We love you guys! 

We arrive tonight in Saskatoon on West Jet flight 323 at 8:59pm. We would love to see you there! Just a heads up... we will take a few short minutes upstairs as a team to say a final prayer of thanks and say goodbye to each other before we head through the doors and say hi to all of you. We will try and make it quick, we know you're excited to see us! 

See you tonight everyone! Thanks for reading and commenting. You were such a source of encouragement to us. 

Love from, 
Kristin, Corwin, Jordan, Kelsea, Sofia, Ashley, Keelin, Brielle, Holly, Izzy, Braydon, Gavin, Ethan and Brett. 

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