Back In Canada

Hi everyone! Im happy to tell you that we arrived safe and sound in Toronto! Our flight went really well today, and we breezed through immigration in about 10 min. We are staying at a really amazing hotel right in downtown Toronto, and as soon as we got here everyone headed up to the roof top hot tub to enjoy the amazing view of the city. This is one of those days that is hard to wrap our heads around.... we woke up in the jungle, ate fry jacks for breakfast, piled into a non air-conditioned van for the long trip to the airport. And now we are enjoying an incredible hotel, some delicious pizza and some hot tubs in the snow. 

Tomorrow morning we will have breakfast and then start with our first debrief session with our friend Omar. I know it will be a great time of unpacking everything that happened in Belize and everything we've learned. 

I am not too sure how much blogging I will do this weekend, it will be a lot of focused time with the team. But I will post at least once more before we come home. 

Prayer Requests: 

-praise God for a great travel day

-pray for our debrief sessions with Omar. Pray that we will continue to learn and grow and be able to process our trip. 

-pray for health. There are a few people with a cold. Pray that they can feel better tomorrow, and not pass it on to the rest of the team. 

Thanks everyone!! 


Kristin and the team

Kristin Clark6 Comments