And That's a Wrap


Well friends… our last full day in Belize has come and gone. We can’t even understand what just happened, as it feels like we just got here. The last 5 days have flown by lightning fast, and now we are faced with the reality of heading back to Canada tomorrow. Today was (you guessed it) amazing!! Since we finished our main work project on Wednesday, we stayed back at YWAM this morning to clean our dorms and get packed up and headed to the Kids Home for lunch. After lunch there were a few jobs to do at the home, like picking up garbage, moving some gravel, and making the finishing touches on the hole we dug. It was another very very hot day, so we wrapped up the work at around 3:30 to take a little break and then hang out with the kids. The late afternoon and evening was lovely, as it always is. The breeze picks up, everyone is playing, there’s a great basketball game to watch. It’s always time well spent, and the team was doing their very best to soak it all in.

We stayed for the family devotion time, and Sofia and Kelsea got a chance to help lead the kids in worship. After devotions we ate supper, and then headed outside for one last hour of fun before we started our goodbyes. I had a moment where I was sitting on a bench in the courtyard just watching the team. EVERYONE was having so much fun. The team, the little kids, the big kids. There was so much laughter and joy. I just sat there with a tear in my eye feeling so grateful for the love that was surrounding me. The kids at the home mean the world to me, and when I can sit and watch a team of young people love them so sincerely and genuinely and with everything they have it is so powerful. I know the kids at the home were sad to see us go, they shed some tears. We had an amazing week not only playing with them, but building relationships. And they were sad that our time was over. Our team was also sad, and we also shed some tears. Saying goodbye to these little people who have changed our lives is very difficult, especially when we don’t know when we’ll see them again.  It took a long time to say goodbye, and it wasn’t easy. We are heading to Toronto tomorrow to have a couple of days to debrief as a team; our trip, what we’re learning, what life will be like when we go home. We are looking forward to the chance to unpack this experience and spend a couple more days together as a team. 

Tonight as we had our final team debrief in Belize we each talked about what we’ve been learning and how we are each feeling. There are mixed emotions about coming home. But it is clear that God is at work in this team, and this trip has had an incredible impact on each of us. I will post tomorrow night when we reach the hotel and let you know that we’ve made it safely.


Prayer Requests:

-pray for our debrief weekend, that God can continue to speak to us and we can truly understand what just happened and what we’ve learned

-pray against sickness. There are still some stuffed noses on the team tonight. Pray they don’t get worse, and that no one else gets sick.

-pray for safe travel tomorrow as we head back to Canada.

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