Today we entered the land of tourism in Belize as we headed out early this morning to drive and boat our way out to the beautiful Cayes! We boarded a boat around 9am in Belize City and took the half hour boat ride to Caye Caulker, one of the popular tourism spots here in Belize. We got a quick lesson on the do's and don'ts of snorkelling and headed out to the nearby coral reef. The team saw lots of amazing things as they swam around, beautiful fish and coral. And we jumped back in the boat to head to the second snorkelling spot, which is called sting ray alley. This is where about 20 or 30 sting rays and a handful of nurse sharks spend their days (don't worry... the sharks are small and friendly!), so the team had a great time swimming and even feeding the sting rays. What an amazing opportunity to experience something like that! 

After a couple hours of snorkelling, we headed back to Caye Caulker for some relaxing and sight seeing. The team got a chance to explore the island, try out some food from local vendors, and buy a couple more souvenirs. The island life is very very different than the life we have been living inland for the last week, and it was awesome to get a taste of it and take some time to relax. Caye Caulker is truly paradise, and we had to pinch ourselves a few times to even believe we were there. 


After a long day in the sun we started our boat ride back to land, and had the AMAZING experience of seeing some dolphins in the water on our way. We stopped the boat and watched them swim around us for about 10 min, and words can not express how majestic it was. It felt like a gift, and we just kept saying to each other "is this our life right now?!?'. Our day was full of many surreal and fantastic memories that will last forever. 

Once we got back to Belmopan we headed to the "Purple Thatch" again for supper, and had a FEAST. We were so hungry, and that food was so fantastic. The team was so happy to fill their bellies after a long day. 

It's hard to believe, but tomorrow is our last full day in Belize. The last few days have gone lightening fast, and we are in a little bit of denial that it is all coming to an end tomorrow. We will head to the home to do some jobs around the house that they need help with, and spend some precious time with the kids one last time. I know from experience that tomorrow will be tough and the team is not looking forward to saying goodbye. 

Prayer Requests:

-please pray for us tomorrow as we have to say goodbye to our little friends. We won't be happy about it, and neither will they. It has only been 10 days, but deep friendships have been made and I know there will be tears shed tomorrow. 

-there seems to be a cold that might be circulating around the team. No one is feeling too sick, but I heard a lot of sniffles in the van on the way home. Please pray against sickness as we head into our last day and our weekend of debrief. 

-pray for our debrief this weekend, taking place in Toronto. We will be taking a couple of days to unpack this experience and learn how to readjust to coming home. Pray that it will be a powerful time. 

Thanks for your comments! The team really does love hearing from each of you. They all ask a few times a day to hear any new comments that are posted. We appreciate your support! 

Until tomorrow... 


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