Some Relaxin'

Good evening faithful readers! Thanks for checking in once again. We had another awesome day today! This morning we were at the YWAM base getting ready for the much anticipated Sunday Funday tomorrow!! The boys took charge of decorating, and the girls made some treat bags for the kids, and set up the tables and chairs for our big feast of fried chicken tomorrow. Once we were all set up we took some time to get ready for the Kids Club we are leading on Tuesday afternoon. We split up into small groups and prepared some songs, a skit, and a craft to do with the kids who live in a nearby village. All of the boys decided to be in charge of the song leading, which brought a lot of laughs to us girls. You can see from Corwin’s video that they put their all into the practice time. 


We were planning on heading to the Mayan Ruins after lunch, but today has been our hottest day so far and we took a vote and decided to go swimming instead. You can see in Corwin's photographs this morning that there was a lot of fog, which always means that it will be a really hot day. The Ruins are awesome, but involve A LOT of climbing with no shade. We want to be rested for tomorrow, so we decided to head to a nearby resort called Banana Bank and take advantage of their beautiful pool and facilities. It was really nice to take a little break and enjoy some relaxation. The team really deserved a bit of down time.  


For supper we headed to a local restaurant for some delicious Belizean food. The restaurant is just an open air area with a thatch roof, and we call it Purple Thatch (the kitchen is painted purple). It is incredible food that is incredibly cheap. We ate SO much and are now back at the base feeling full and happy. 

Tomorrow is the big day, and I know the kids at the Kids Home are going to sleep tonight feeling VERY excited for tomorrow morning. We can’t wait for them to get here!

We are going to try and shoot a little bit of live video on Facebook tomorrow afternoon through the Saskatoon Youth for Christ Facebook page. If you hit like on you can join in the fun at around 1:00 and we will try and share a little bit of the slip n’ slide fun! We thought it would be fun to share our fun with you! 

Prayer Requests:

-Kelsea and Brett are feeling good! Thanks for praying. 

-Praise that we have still avoided heatstroke and we are feeling good.

-Sofia and Izzy both have swollen ankles tonight. Sofia got an insect bite yesterday that has caused some swelling. Izzy is not sure if it is an insect bite or he may have hurt his ankle moving the rocks through the rough ground on the job site. Please pray that the swelling goes down tonight as they sleep, and there is no infection or sprains. 

-Please pray for Sunday Funday, that it would be a blessing to the Kids. Pray for our team that we can have the strength and energy we need to run around and play in the heat tomorrow. 

Thank you for your prayers… we can feel them! 

Goodnight from Kristin and the team and the howler monkeys

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