First Day at Work

Hello everyone! It’s the end of our first full day in Belize, and we are dong great! First thing this morning we went to the Children’s Home to begin our work project. We were not sure exactly what to expect when we arrived, or exactly what kind of work we would be doing. But there was a local crew of 3 men at the Kids Home who were ready to keep us busy. We are preparing to build a concrete roof for a building that the home desperately needs to help process animals from their farm. They are trying hard to become self sustaining, and this building will go a long way to help in that process. So today was full of many different jobs to prepare for the concrete laying that we will start in a couple days. The main job today for many of the team was digging a hole. That may not sound like a challenging or interesting job, but something that sounds as simple as digging a hole is a very very tough and tedious job in Belize. The ground here is incredibly wet, and instead of dirt the ground is thick and heavy clay. They hole needs to be six feet deep and a few feet wide, so the team put in many hours of hard work and they accomplished a lot. The hole will be completed tomorrow, and the team is feeling encouraged by how much of it they were able to dig today. Some other jobs included helping to plant and fertilize in their green house, cutting rebar, carrying posts, and cutting wood. The team worked incredibly hard all day and had great attitudes the whole time. There was not one complaint, even this afternoon when the temperature went up to about 35 degrees and the sun was relentless. I heard the team say many times that they had a lot of fun with the work, and loved learning new skills. 


We finished up work at around 3:30, had a tasty treat of some cold water bags and ideals (like Belizean freezies) and then we were finally able to head inside the Kids Home and meet the kids! As we were getting changed and drinking some water after work the kids were lined up at the gate calling out to us, SO excited thatwe were there to play with them. The kids know that any friend of mine is a friend of theirs, and so they jumped into the team’s arms as soon as we walked in and we got straight to playing. Our boys headed outside to the basketball court to take on a team of the older boys from the home (we lost… but it was a great effort), and everyone else was busy at the playground swinging and playing tag and running around. It was an awesome time, and such a blessing to watch the team meet these sweet kids and start to build some friendships with them. We stayed for the nightly devotion time with the kids, and ate supper with them as well. After supper it was straight to the grocery store for some well deserved snacks and back to the YWAM base for some chill time and a team debrief. 


During the debrief the team talked a lot about the fun the had today, both working and playing. It’s amazing to see a group of young people who work so incredibly hard all day and are still in great spirits with energy to spare in the evening. They are excited to get back to work tomorrow morning. 

Corwin took some time to make a video of our work today… we hope you enjoy it!

Prayer requests:

-Kelsea and Brett are both feeling better. Kelsea is not 100% yet, but she is quite a bit better than yesterday. Keep praying that her cold passes quickly. 

-Today Ethan got a bit of heat stroke after the intense basketball game and wasn’t feeling well for a few hours. He drank a lot of water tonight and got some rest and before bed he was feeling a lot better. Pray that he is feeling great by tomorrow morning, and that the rest of the team can avoid heatstroke working in this intense heat. 

-Pray for extra doses of energy and love as we continue to get to know the kids and build lasting friendships with them. 

Thank you so much for your comments, prayers and support. We are feeling all of it from this beautiful jungle we are in! 


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