We are in the jungle!

Hello friends and family! I am wondering how many of you are refreshing this blog page every 2 minutes to hear that we have arrived. I am happy to tell you that we are here safe and sound! We had a smooth day of travel, and we just finished an amazing supper of rice and beans and chicken at the YWAM base. Right now the team is unpacking and showering and settling in. We had our first pineapple fantas. We heard some howler monkeys. We have played carpet pool. Everything is how it should be! Tonight we are going to have a little team meeting, and head to bed early. Tomorrow morning we will be up bright and early and heading to the Children's Home for the first time! We'll be starting our work project and meeting the kids, and we are EXCITED!  I'm going to keep this post short because I know you are waiting anxiously to read it. 

Some prayer requests for today: 

-that we can settle in well and have a great rest tonight, and be ready to go in the morning

-for safety for the team

-Brett and Kelsea have a little bit of a soar throat, please pray that they feel better tomorrow and that no one else feels sick

-for our hearts, minds and spirits to be ready to meet some amazing kids tomorrow and that we will be open to what God has to teach us through them

Feel free to leave a comment, and I will share them with the team. Thanks!


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