We are in Toronto!

Hi everyone! This is Kristin just letting you know that we made it safely to Toronto! We had a great day, amazing flights, and just finished eating a lot of carbs at the Italian restaurant in our hotel. We are happy! Our flight to Toronto was amazing, as you can see in the pics from Corwin's post. We basically had a whole section of the plane to ourselves and it was amazing. We are already having a ton of fun, and feeling very excited to get  to the jungle tomorrow! We have been waiting for this day for a long time, and it is surreal that is finally here. Thanks so much for your support and prayers at the airport this morning. We appreciate you! 

Prayer Requests: 

-pray for a great sleep for our team tonight. We have an early morning tomorrow. 

-pray for a safe flight to Belize

-pray that God can continue to prepare our hearts for this amazing adventure ahead

I will be posting tomorrow around supper time to let you know that we've made it to Belize. 

Thanks for reading!


Kristin ClarkComment