We're Coming Home!

Hey everyone! So sorry for a lack of communication from our debrief weekend. It was a really intense and powerful time for our team, and it was hard to find the emotional or physical energy to try and transform our sessions into words. I've been letting a few words about this weekend roll around in my head....

I think that all of these words, and many more, apply to how each of us felt this weekend and we spent time with my good friend Omar Myrie as he walked us through the "what now" of our trip. Omar is known to hear from God in very real and powerful ways, and God had very powerful things to say to us as a group and individually this weekend. I'm not sure that any of us could have predicted that, but it was so humbling and encouraging to hear directly from God and know that He is here with us and so happy with who we are and what we just accomplished in Belize. Our debrief weekend reached way beyond our trip, and dove into some of our struggles, opportunities, fears, relationships, and friendships back home. It was a refreshing time to sit and think through these things with such good friends. Knowing that no one would be judged for any thoughts of doubts or fears about coming home.

This team is very unique. It is very very rare that a team will become as close as this one has. I think that leaving Belize was hard, but leaving each other tonight at the airport has the potential to be even harder. I think that we are nervous to face life alone starting tonight, and wish that we could continue to rely on each other for strength tomorrow morning as school starts. This team truly LOVES to be together. I cannot say it enough. The joy that has formed in these friendships is real ,and very deeply rooted in Christ. We laugh together ALL the time. We are honest with each other. We don't play favourites. We don't talk behind each others backs. We form a united front and share something so real and tangible that only the 21 of us (22 including our friend Hugo in Belize) can truly understand. So please know that as we come home we are very excited to see you. To sleep in our beds. To share our stories and show you our pictures. To pet our dogs (ahem... Katie). But we're also scared to leave each other. There is always that moment at the airport when reality hits, and one by one team members start to leave with their parents. And before you know it you find yourself alone in the back seat of a car. Or alone in your bed wondering what just happened. And what you're supposed to do now. So if I can ask on behalf of all of us for your patience, understanding, and love as we readjust from our Belize family back to our home families. We have prepared ourselves as best as we can for this transition to go smoothly, but there is always the chance that it just might not. And we will need you, our supporters, more than ever. To understand, and give a hug, listen to us AND give us space, know that sometimes we will need to be together with our fellow team mates, and that in no way means that we love or value you any less. We need you, love you, and truly cannot thank you enough for making this happen for each one of us. We know that this trip did not happen because of our own efforts, but because of the help and supports of our friends and community. This will probably be one of the biggest and most humbling gifts that you could ever give us. THANK YOU.

To the team.... you are at home now and finally able to read the blog. I hope I've done justice in putting your experience into words. I need you to always know and always remember how proud I am of you. How proud all of us as leaders are. You could not have done any better than you have. You could not have loved the kids any harder, or worked with more passion. Project Serve 2013 is completed, and you were faithful with what you were given. Thank you for loving Belize. Thank you for loving on the kids at KCH so much that they were so sad to say goodbye to you. Thank you for hugging them, and chasing them even when you were exhausted. Thank you for seeing their true beauty, and allowing them into your hearts. They are not going to forget you. Some of you are probably sitting on your bed right now, reading this with tears streaming down your face. Wishing that it wasn't all over. And that this blog wasn't so close to completion. Just remember our debrief time. Remember all the things that God showed and told you. Remember the promises that we made to each other. Remember that God has shown us this is not the end for us, it is only the beginning. Be encouraged that the friendships that have been started are going to continue. This experience could not be further from being over.

Our flight home leaves in 20 minutes, and I am out of words. Thanks for reading and praying. We are arriving home tonight on West Jet flight 178 at 12:48am. It will be SO late, but we're looking forward to seeing whatever faces can make it out to welcome us. Just so you know, we take a minute to say a prayer and say our goodbyes as a team before we come through security to all of you. We will be very mindful and respectful of your time, and keep in mind how late it is. But we will just need a few extra minutes alone to finish this experience together.

God bless all of you.

Our cups runneth over....

Project Serve Belize 2013

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