Sunday Funday!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of blogging last night. Some days are too long and full to try and compose my thoughts at the end. But I have some time now to fill you in on our jam packed weekend.

On Saturday we didn't need to be at the work site, so we offered up our services at the YWAM base. As it turned out, there was a kick off for a HUGE football (soccer) tournament on Saturday afternoon, and our team (the YWAM boys) were playing in the first game. So we knew what we had to do! We dressed in our team colour (orange) made banners and posters, blew up balloons, and got ready to show our support. There was a huge parade to kick off the festivities all through the city with all 19 teams in the tournament. And we got to be in it! We walked along side our YWAM boys cheering and yelling all the way. I can imagine there were a few people wondering how all these white people made their way into the parade, but we were included in the YWAM team just like family. It was super fun. The boys played a great game, and when it was all wrapped up we spent the evening back at the base having some down time and another nightly debrief session.

Yesterday was a day that we were looking forward to all week. Sunday Funday! We invited every single kid from the Children's Home over, along with their staff and volunteers. There were well over 80 of them, plus our team and the YWAM staff and kids. It was a party!! The KCH kids started showing up at 9:30 (it took them a while to get there.... 3 trips in a bus!). And we were ready with lots of toys and energy ready to make sure they had the best day ever. These kids lives are very structured and they live in a very small house, so it was a huge blessing to all of us to be able to see them RUN. They get to YWAM and just want to run and run and run. Be kids. Go on the swings, and get piggyback rides, and play with bubbles. I was so proud of the team. If they were tired, they sure hid it well. At 12:00 we served a feast of fried chicken, nachos and cheese, and juice. It's hard to really get a feeling of how many kids are living at the home until you see them all sitting in rows at the table, ready to eat. And with that many people you would expect some kind of chaos, but no way. Miss Leonie has raised very polite and grateful kids. They waited their turn. They said please and thanks. They helped to clean up. They are awesome kids, and such a joy to be around.

After lunch we had our annual revealing of the "slip n slide". These kids had never heard of this until we started doing it a few years ago, and now they talk about it in anticipation ALL year. This year we bought a 60 foot long tarp to use, and set a challenge to the kids to see if they could slide all the way down it. Some actually did. Others had fun trying. All in all it was an awesome day. A great tradition carried out for another year. It will take the kids about 3 more days until they start asking me how long until they can come back to YWAM again.

Last night the team got to experience church in Belize in the community of Roaring Creek. We had Luke, Rachelle, and Chelsey share a little bit about what they're learning lately. I know it's a scary thing to get up in front of a crowd, especially in a different country. We were proud of our friends for being willing to share.

Today we were back at the work site, and I really think the team is having a ton of fun. Us as leaders keeping referring to this team as the "laughing team", because they are ALWAYS laughing. Usually so hard that they're crying. So that kind of attitude usually makes for a ridiculously fun work site. I've really never seen kids laugh so hard over things like paint and sweeping. They think it's all fun, and funny. Which has been a huge blessing. It's so fun to hang out with people who are having so much fun.

For the friends and family of this team, you should be proud. This team is awesome. They are serving and loving people wherever we go. They're learning things, and working so hard, and hugging and loving kids even when they have nothing left to give. It's inspiring, and an honor to be a part of. I wish all of you could have more of a window into the week this team is having. You would be blessed!!

Please pray for us....
-we're getting really tired. These are long days, and our bodies are tired. Pray for strength and endurance. We can use it!

-there have been a couple of people who have had an occasional upset stomach. Please pray that any and all sickness will leave us, and we can finish this week out strong.

-pray for our hearts. We'll begin saying goodbye to the kids at KCH tomorrow. We're heading back there after work tomorrow and it'll be the last time we see the older kids. We are NOT looking forward to good byes. Pray that we can keep it together!

-pray for Richard, who works here at YWAM. He got very sick last night, and was rushed to Belize city this morning in an ambulance. He is resting at home now, but not in great shape. Pray for strength and healing for him.

Thanks so much for praying!! We love ya all...



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