Has it only been a day?

I'm sitting in my bunk at the end of our first full day, and I have to agree with what most of the team said at debrief tonight.... have we only been here for a day? Spending only 24 hours in Belize feels life changing to us. It feels like we've been here for a long time. Like the friends that we met at YWAM have been close by for so long. And the kids that we met at the Kings Childrens Home today have been in our lives forever. I have been soaking up each and every comment from the team today. This is my favourite day of the entire year. The day that everything we have been working so hard for, and learning and praying about, and being nervous for and losing sleep over and being so excited to start all STARTS. It's like Christmas morning, and the big secret is out. Belize is AWESOME. There are only so many things that can be said about this beautiful place before you just have to experience it yourself. There aren't enough words, but feelings and thoughts and prayers that come pouring out of us when we spend time here. Like all of a sudden we understand a little bit better just how much God loves us. Or just how blessed we are to have been born in Canada into the loving homes that we have. Like everything we've been trying understand about God has shifted into focus today and it all. makes. sense.

Today we started work at the new Children's Home. After spending some time at the current home, it has become very clear to us that this home needs to get built... and FAST! And having a little part of that goal is a true honour. The team did AMAZING today. They worked so incredibly hard.... a lot harder than expected I think..... because they kept finishing jobs ahead of schedule. Taylor made an observation today that this team is so in sync and comfortable with each other that they are able to work efficiently without even saying words out loud. The foreman at the job site compared our team to an army of ants. All in sync. All working hard. He was really impressed.

After work we headed to the current Children's Home to meet all the kids. Within 5 minutes everyone had made 10 new best friends, and were running around playing endless games of tag, basketball, football... you name it! It was so fun. This trip marks my tenth anniversary in Belize, and these kids have had my heart since the very first day I met them. It is such true joy to "share" them with this team. There was a moment when Dallas walked up to me and said "I understand now". And that makes me smile.

Tonight at debrief I heard a few comments like this...

-I never really realized how much I have until today
-I'm already nervous to go home
-I'm not sure how I'm going to say goodbye to these kids
-I felt so compelled to work so hard today because these kids deserve this new house.

Some other fun things that have happened:
-Dallas met Edgar today. His sponsor child. It was epic. They are best friends. All is right with the world.
-We are all usually laughing so hard that we're in tears... just about everything it seems.
-These girls don't scream when they find a cockroach.
-Taylor was reunited with Ashton today, his sponsor child. Ashton has never been happier.

I want to end with some words from two of our girls.... Lauren Wright and Mikaela Kiryk. I'm going to get the team to share their thoughts on the blog too. So enjoy a message from these lovely ladies...

Mikaela K
Words cannot describe my feelings or emotions that I have in Belize! Everything that i am experiencing here is nothing like I have ever experienced before and all the people that I meet teach me something new about myself. My team is fantastic and I can't believe how close we have gotten only in the first full day in Belize. All the food has been amazing and I have fallen in love with hot sauce, I put it on EVERYTHING. I miss my family and friends so much but I know they will be all waiting for me at home. The work here is exhausting and the kids tire you out so much more but it is so worth it because seeing the smiles on their faces and knowing that I am doing something to benefit these kids brings me soo much joy. Please pray that my experience will only get more amazing and that God will give me new experiences everyday. I love you all and I can't wait to share my stories. Lots of hugs and kisses from me and the howler monkeys in the jungle.

Lauren W
AH, Belize has been amazing!! Im gonna try & keep it short & sweet, but for those who know me, I can talk forever! :) First off, HEY MOM, Dennis Grandma Ann, Kyle, & all the others I forgot. I miss you all like crazy. Coming back to Belize for the second time has been amazing & it is only the first full day. I cant wait to see what God has in store for me & what He is going to teach me. I have been missing home a lot & have been very distracted by it, but God really showed me today that my time here in Belize is limited & home is always waiting, so I need to soak up every moment here & remember that you will all be waiting for me at home! I cant really sum everything up, but know that the team is AMAZING & we have become all so close. We went to Kings Children's Home today & it was so great to see the kids I saw last year & to see the excitement on everyones face. Miss you all back home!! Hope life is treating you all well. Don't be freezing toooooo much in Sask! We are quite warm here:) Love you mommy, miss ya all! Bye for now & peace from the jungle!!

it's past my bed time so it's time to wrap up. Thanks for reading, and praying. Feel free to leave a comment that we can share with the team. U


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