Welcome to the Belize Blog!

Hey readers! Welcome here! This is the beginning of our incredible adventure. Stay tuned to this blog to hear about all of the awesome things that God has in store for this team, to feel a part of all of the fun we're having, to read about our mad construction skills at the Kings Childrens Home, and to know that none of this could have happened for us without God's plan and your support in our lives. We are SO thankful for all of you, and want to share as much of this experience with you as we possibly can.

I'm writing you from the Starbucks at Huntington Beach. From where I sit I can see Maxton and Luke having some ice cream in the sunshine, Lauren R and Chelsey sitting under a palm tree, and Lauren W, Chancelle, Scott, Talia, Mikaela R, and Sam comparing shopping deals from the side walk sale on Main St. this afternoon. In half an hour we're meeting up as a team and heading over to Cornerstone Church to join our friend Gary Garcia and his awesome youth team at Wave Uth tonight. My co-leader Corwin is the guest speaker at youth tonight and I know it will be a great service.

Our travel day went flawlessly today. Our flights were on time, the weather was perfect, our bags arrived safely. We are in California until early tomorrow morning, when we'll take our final 2 flights and arrive in Belize tomorrow afternoon. The team is doing amazing! It seems like we have been hanging out together forever. The word of the day is comfortable. Everyone is very very comfortable and happy to be together, no matter what combination we're in. We are a family already.

Please continue to pray for us, that our travel would continue to go well.

Pray that Corwin's words would reach the hearts of many youth tonight.

Pray for continued health and safety.

I will update again tomorrow when we reach Belize. I know there will be many anxious moms refreshing the blog to read about our safe arrival!!

Feeling blessed....

Kristin Clark
For the team

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