We're Coming Home . . .

Hello faithful readers! Here it is... my last blog post of Project Serve 2016. It is so very hard to believe that this experience is nearly over, and we are on our way home. It feels like we have been gone forever, and it also feels like we just left Saskatoon. Today is a tough day to process... coming back home to our culture and friends and family. We were only in Belize for 10 days, but it changed us and now we are faced with bringing all these experiences and lessons back home with us. 

We had a really great weekend debriefing. Omar lead us through some very practical and helpful exercises and conversations. We were able to verbalize what we learned, what has changed, and how we feel about heading home today. We were also able to spend a lot of time worshipping, praying together, and enjoying each others' company. It was time so very well spent, and I'm so thankful for the chance to talk through the things we did. I feel like we are much more ready to come home now, ready to face the next steps and chapters that God has for us. 

We arrive tonight on West Jet flight 3276 arriving tonight at 12:15am. We are excited for some hugs and encouragement from you guys, and I'm SURE that you are excited to see us as well!! 

And lastly, we honestly can't thank all of you enough for the support you have shown us through this experience. We were able to have this experience because of your help and support. It was a gift to us from you, and we are deeply thankful and forever changed. For everything you have contributed, all the prayers, the excitement you've shared, the proud moments, words of encouragement through letters and videos. ALL of it. We are thankful and humbled and grateful. 

Singing off, 

Kristin, Corwin, Renee, Alison, Sarah, Jaima, Erin,

Calista, Maycie, Sofia, Justine, Hannah, and Brielle. 

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