The Beginning of the End

It’s hard to believe that we just spent our second last day at the Kid’s Home. Things just got real as we debriefed tonight, and talked about how we have just a few precious days left in Belize. We had another great day today. We headed to the home this morning and the girls got straight to work pouring another big slab of cement. They have become serious PROS, and were able to jump right in and split up jobs and work together so well. They are 10 cute little construction workers, and you should be really proud! Today’s weather was hot (finally!), but they still powered through without complaint. 

The highlight of the day was when the kids came home from school at 3:30 and the fun could begin. I had a few separate moments today when I was sitting watching the team interact with the kids, and I noticed the depth of relationship that has developed. I heard the kids calling out each team members name, asking me countless times why we have to leave Belize so soon and if their new friends could just stay for longer. There was so much joy today. Laughing and smiles and hugs upon hugs. It never ceases to amaze me how spending only a few short days with the kids can change our lives forever. We feel so grateful for the chance to know them and love them and share life for a little while. It’s a gift. 

Tomorrow we’re switching things up a bit and heading into town for breakfast at the market, and leading a kids club in a local village in the afternoon. It will be a nice change of pace. A good break from the hard labor, but we will miss our little friends! 

Thanks for all the comments! It’s so nice to hear from friends and family. 

Prayer Requests: 

-Maycie and Jaima were feeling a little sick to their stomachs. Maycie if feeling quite a bit better tonight, but Jaima is pretty wiped out. Pray that sleep tonight will restore their health!

-We talked in debrief tonight about what we think God has been teaching us in Belize. Pray that God can keep revealing Himself to us, and open our eyes to what He wants us to learn. 

-Renee’s knee is doing a bit better, my knee is great, and Hannah is all better!

Thanks again for everything. We appreciate you! 

Kristin and the ladies and Corwin

Kristin Clark9 Comments