Good morning everyone! Sorry for no blog post last night! We have finally arrived at one of the funnest days of the year… Sunday Funday! This morning at 10:30 all of the kids from KCH will arrive at YWAM for a few hours of organized chaos. We’ll have some games, some toys, some fried chicken and nachos, a slip n slide and some ice cream sundays. I can imagine how excited the kids are to arrive…. they have been counting down the days for so long. Our team is also very excited. When the alarm went this morning Alison immediately shouted out “It’s Sunday Funday!’. I guess we’ve been counting down the days too! 

As far as a weather update goes, right now it is really cloudy and cool. It’s been raining off and on a little bit today, but the rain is holding off for now. Please pray that the sun will come out today and not hinder any of our plans (at breakfast we sang out a few rounds of “Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun just in case!).

Yesterday we were at YWAM all day. We spent the morning decorating for Valentines day and organizing the games and toys for today. In the afternoon we did some planning for the upcoming kids club, and then we went for a swim in the river! It was SO fun. Swimming in the river in Belize is pretty much the jungle-iest thing possible, and the girls loved it so much. The river has a breathtakingbeauty that is totally unmatched, and it’s one of those moments that you have to just sit back and look around and realize how blessed we are to be in this beautiful place! 

Thanks to everyone who supported Sunday Funday this year. We are about to have an amazing day because of your generosity. I wish you could be here with us! We’ll be thinking of all of you. 

Prayer Requests: 

-Praise: Renee’s knee is feeling a little bit better! She still has pain, but it has improved in the last couple of days. My knee is doing much much better as well! 

-Hannah is feeling great!

-Maycie has a soar throat and is feeling tired today. Pray that she doesn’t get sick, and can overcome these symptoms. 

I am not positive that I’ll be able to do another update today to let you know how the day went. We’ll be at church this evening, and it sometimes goes quite late. But for sure check back tomorrow and I’ll hit the highlights of Sunday Funday!

The girls are LOVING the comments… keep them coming! It would be great to hear from all the parents, so feel free to leave a shout out to the team. 

Just as I am finishing up the post the sun came out! Yay!!!!


Kristin and some excited young ladies

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