Cement and Cholis and Basketball.

Day two on the work site, and these ladies are still hard at work! We headed to the Children’s Home again this morning and got right back at pouring cement. Today was very cool and a little rainy, which turned out great for working. (by “very cool” I mean that it was +20). The girls were able to complete the large slab that we started pouring yesterday (while team bad knees cheered from the side lines!). The girls were feeling soar and tired from yesterday, but still jumped in eagerly to work this morning. 

The girls were pretty tired out in the afternoon, and I could see them trying to push through fatigue and frustration and get the job done, which is so fair and normal for the amount of work they have accomplished in the last 2 days. 

We left the home around 4:30 and headed into town to get a Cholis (the BEST ice cream/coffee drink in the universe). And from there we were able to take in a local basketball tournament at a public court in town. There was one young man from the Children’s Home on the team, as well as a young man from YWAM so we decided to be their cheering section and headed to the game to support them. It was so much fun, and great to experience a little more of the Belizean culture. (And I’m not going to lie… I think the two young men were pretty happy to have such a lovely bunch of girls cheering for them!). It was great to be able to relax and have some fun after two long days of work, and do something new. 

The team celebrating the victory with Lawrence and some new friends

The team celebrating the victory with Lawrence and some new friends

Tonight we are hanging out at the YWAM base with some much needed and deserved free time. As I write this there are countless games of carpet pool being played, and new friends being made. I wouldn’t be surprised if we head to bed soon, because we are worn out!

I can see so much joy in the faces of the team. There are beautiful moments happening all around. There is a lot of laughing (like A LOT). There are lessons being learned. It is going so great! I wish that all of you could stop by YWAM tonight to say hi and see how well these girls are doing. You would be proud! 

Prayer Requests for Today:

-Praise… my knee is feeling a lot better today! Thanks for praying!

-Renee is still in a lot of pain. She has a doctors appointment tomorrow morning and she is resting tonight to try and bring the swelling down. Please keep praying for her!

-Hannah is feeling so much better, thanks for praying for her too! And praise that there has been no other sickness issues. Everyone is doing really well. 

-Please keep praying for the weather for Sunday. We are hosting the Children’s Home over at YWAM for the day, and the forecast right now is 90% chance of lots of rain that day. Please pray that the rain could hold off and we could have a great day with the kids. They are SO looking forward to it! (I can’t even count how many times I heard “Miss Kristin… only 2 more sleeps!” today)

-Please be praying for continued strength, energy, and patience as these girls are working hard and learning lots. 

Thanks so much for the support and comments! We read them all to the girls this morning, and they were so encouraged to hear your kind words. (Taryn… thanks for your beautiful words this morning. They were just what God wanted us to hear, and they made us cry a little… in a good way!). So please feel free to share a thought or comment of encouragement and we will pass them on for you! 

Day Two… check! Onto the next!! 



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