A slight change in plans...

Hi everyone! I'm sure you've been refreshing this page non stop to hear news that we have made it to the States. Yes, we are in the USA. But no, we are not in California... not yet! Our flight was delayed out of Belize by an hour and a half, and we only had an hour and a half lay over in Houston. We tried really hard to make our connection in Houston (these kids can run!), but we missed it by 10 min. But no worries! United has put us all up in the Hyatt for the night. The team is in the restaurant grabbing a quick bite before bed. We are leaving Houston tomorrow morning at 8:50, and arriving in Santa Ana at 10:30am. It is a slight delay, but honesty things went so smoothly at the airport. By the time we ran down to the baggage claim, they already had our boarding passes printed out for tomorrow's flight, and they got us to a hotel as quick as possible. The team is in good spirits. Everyone feels sad about leaving the jungle, but happy about things like hot showers and comfy beds. We are still on track to start our debrief tomorrow with my good friends Omar and Alyssa. We will have a session with them as soon as we get to the hotel tomorrow morning. 

I am going to stop writing, because I know you are refreshing every few minutes to hear that we are safe and well. All is good! I'll let you know tomorrow when we reach California. 

If you wouldn't mind praying for me (Kristin), I managed to catch a pretty bad cold yesterday (in 40 degree weather... not sure how I pulled that off). Pray that it passes quickly... thanks so much!


Corwin Thiessen3 Comments