Jungle Internet

Rats.... I just spent an hour filling all of you in on the last couple of days, and once again the jungle internet has failed me. I'm so sorry! I have lots to tell you. I will have to wait until morning. Things are good! Just a couple of quick prayer requests.... 

-Kim's tummy has been upset for the last couple of days. She is able to join us for all our activities, but isn't feeling her best. Please pray this passes and everything settles down. 

-While we were snorkelling today Terry dove down in the water about 10 feet and his tooth cracked. He's in a lot of pain, and I need to take him to the dentist tomorrow. Please pray that the pain will subside, and we can work out the appointment early tomorrow morning. 

-please pray for Miss Leonie (aka Mom at KCH). She is going in for surgery tomorrow. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, and a speedy recovery (she has 100 kids that need her!) 

So sorry for the lack of an update. Stay tuned! 

Much love,


Corwin Thiessen6 Comments