Already dreading goodbye

We got home about an hour ago from a super long day at the home. It was crazy hot today, and the work was hard but rewarding. We are pouring a small cement slab, and had to back fill the foundation with dirt before we can pour the mix. Back filling involved walking out into the field, trying so hard to dig up dirt (clay) and fill a wheelbarrow to haul all the way back to the work site. It was no joke. The ground was so rough, and totally overgrown. So the team had to cut through the grass and weeds to try and break the earth, and then try to wrestle the clay/dirt into the wheelbarrow to carry it back to the foundation. It was an incredible amount of work, and everyone did an incredible job. It was a struggle to keep working today through the heat. We literally drank 15 gallons of water between the 24 of us. I insisted that everyone take a kindergarten style 30 min nap on the floor of the living room after lunch, and then it was back to work right until 5:00. The team was so committed to finishing strong today. They went into today with so much determination to give it 100%. Everyone wanted to work very hard. We got a lot accomplished, and we feel so glad for that. 

After a full 8 hour day of working so hard, it was straight into the house to see our friends (who stood at the gate calling for us for 2 hours as we finished up the work day.... so hard to stay focused!). Our boys were really anxious to play a game of basketball with the boys from KCH. They were so spent from working hard all day, but managed to play an epic game of 21 (which turned into 31, then 41, then 51) with some of the older boys at the home. The KCH boys won, but not by much. It came down to the last shot to win it, and the Belizians took it, but it was a good fight to the finish. I really sincerely loved watching all of those boys play basketball. We are from Canada, and live very very different lives from the boys at the home here in Belize, but watching them play basketball it was like they were all exactly the same. The same age. The same passion and drive. They were laughing and joking with each other, complimenting each other on their technique. It was just cool to watch. Like they had all grown up together, instead of living worlds apart. 

We got to go to family devotions tonight with all of the kids, which was great to be a part of. It gives a different perspective to hang out with all of the kids at once in one room. It really gives you a sense of just how many kids there are. After devotions we stayed for a quick supper, and then headed home for some much needed rest. 

Saying goodbye to the kids tonight was hard. Today was our second last day with them. We only have Thursday left. Saying goodbye tonight was already emotional for some of us. And has made us feel like Thursday is not going to be a happy goodbye at all. This trip is flying by, and the reality has started to sink in that our days are numbered and as soon as it started, it is going to be over. 

I'm happy to report that Kim and Adonica are feeling much better. I wouldn't say that they're back to 100%, but probably 80. I kept Adonica out of the sun this afternoon because it was so hot. They are both still feeling a little drained, but no further sickness. Taylor Campbell wasn't feeling well today. She was achy and really tired, so she spent the day resting. She is quite a bit better tonight. Other than that everyone is doing well. 

Some prayer requests:

-health for Taylor, Adonica and Kim

-an exceptional sleep tonight, to rest up from a really intense (and awesome!) day

-that God could prepare our hearts for saying goodbye on Thursday. Sunday Funday is one of my favourite days of the year, watching the team say goodbye to the kids at the end of Project Serve is by far my least favourite. Pray for peace and contentment in our hearts as we prepare to leave at the end of the week. 

-tomorrow we are heading to an awesome Kid's Club about 45 min. from here. Pray we can be a blessing to that community. 

Thanks again for your outpouring of love and support. Your words are incredibly encouraging. We appreciate and love you all! Thanks for reading. 

Miss Kristin 

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