Happy Valentines Day!


Hello faithful readers! 

Happy Valentines Day everyone! We have definitely had a love filled and great day. It was a bit of a slower pace, which was kind of nice. We had a quiet morning at the base preparing for Sunday Funday and the Kid's Club coming up next week. As we approached lunch time the boys started acting a little mysterious and asked us all to wait in the kitchen instead of sitting down in the dining hall like usual. The next thing we knew the boys were all lined up outside of the kitchen dressed in their church clothes. One by one our names got called, and we each got escorted to the lunch table. They served us lunch, poured us punch, pulled out our chairs for us. They wanted to do something nice for us for Valentines Day, and It was pretty darn cute. We felt special. 

Right after lunch we loaded up in the bus with our buddy Randolph the bus driver and headed to the Myan Ruins. The Ruins are right next door to the Guatamalan boarder, so we got to see some more of the country on the way there. It's a mile hike uphill to the ruins, and another long walk up to the top...but the view is worth it! The jungle gave us quite a moment today as we finally approached the beautiful Myan structure. We stepped into the jungle and almost on cue there was a family of howler monkeys that started howling. It was almost as if we were at Universal Studios in California walking onto the Jurassic Park ride. I don't know if you've ever heard a howler monkey, but they sound like terrifying dinosaurs. They are tiny cute little monkeys that sound like giant monsters. And some of the girls thought that they were playing a scary sound track to try and add to the atmosphere. So we all go to stand there and watch 10 monkeys jump around in the tree right in front of us and yell at each other. Thank you jungle for that epic moment. We climbed around on the Ruins for an hour, took an awesome team pic, and made the long trek back down the hill. 

After the Ruins we drove into Belmopan for supper, and have spent the evening at the base. We did a ton of walking today, and are feeling super tired tonight. We're heading to bed early because tomorrow is Sunday Funday! My favourite day of the year. Think of us at 10:00am as our buddies arrive for a few hours of chaotic fun. We will feast, and slide, and laugh and sweat and play. We haven't seen the kids for a whole day and we miss them terribly! 

Some highlights so far:

-rice and beans and chicken all day every day

-Valentines lunches

-rapping on the bus

-a surprise visit from Mr. and Mrs. Devon and Kendra Plett at the kids home on Friday 

-mom blog stalkers and embarrassing comments 

-worship songs in the jungle

-a 12 hour countdown until our friends get here!

Goodnight everyone. Thanks for all your love and tears and kind words. We love you. 

PS Belize 2015

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