Travel Update

Wow!  So the flight situation here in Vancouver is really messed up because of weather. Westjet tried their best to connect us home, but with 24 souls to rebook it was very difficult. So we have a new flight plan, but the news isn't that great. 

The only option to get all of us home was to direct us through Winnipeg tomorrow night, getting us in to Saskatoon Wednesday morning at 9:48am. 

This was the best that WestJet could do. They tried looking at ways to reroute us through every major city in Canada, but there was just no availability of seats. Obviously, this was not our original plan, but we are trying to stay positive and keep the student's spirits up. WestJet has been very generous, and are providing each of us with over $30 of food vouchers, and hotel rooms tonight at the Travelodge. Half of the team will leave tomorrow night at 5 PM, going to Winnipeg via Calgary. The other half of the team will leave at 7 PM, flying directly to Winnipeg. The two groups will meet up in Winnipeg around the same time, close to midnight. WestJet is providing additional food vouchers and hotel in Winnipeg tomorrow night as well. Our flight from Winnipeg leave at 8 o'clock in the morning. Praise God they were able to get all of us on the same flight from Winnipeg to Saskatoon.

So we are flying on WestJet flight number 3275, arriving in Saskatoon at 9:48 AM  

Thanks for your prayers as we deal with this unexpected hiccup. I will tell you that the general mood of the students is up, and everyone is approaching the situation with positive attitudes and energy. These are some amazing students, God is giving us what we need.  Pray that we can have an amazing rest at the hotel tomorrow, so we are reenergized for a final leg of our long journey home. 


Corwin Thiessen8 Comments