Please Pray

Hey this is Corwin giving you an update on our team's journey home.  We are currently waiting at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana.  Our flight to Vancouver is delayed by two hours (updated).  We only have a two hour layover in Vancouver, but we are hopeful that they will hold our flight so we can still get through customs and make our Calgary connection.  Stay tuned as we will update you when we know more.

As well, we are asking for prayer as we have many team members who are feeling sick.  We have some dealing with colds, others with coughs, and some with stomach pains and nausea.  Please pray for our co-leader Kristin who is feeling very sick with stomach issues.  As well, we need prayer for Hannah, Maxton, Kiera, Mikayla, Avery, Talia, Payten, Scott and Willow.  And please pray for me, for extra strength, energy and wisdom as I lead and try to bring everyone home to their families.  Thanks!



Corwin Thiessen8 Comments