Hi everyone. I just wanted to send a little message to let you know how debrief is going. We are having a great time here in California (where it feels freezing cold... bad sign, right?). We have finished 3 out of 4 of our sessions with Omar, and will officially wrap up our debrief time tonight. It has been a good time of reflection, learning and prayer. Omar has walked us through some very good tips and guidelines on how to come home and what to expect. It won't make our re entry back into Saskatoo easy, but it will make it much more manageable and less scary.  

I wanted to ask for prayer for health. Currently 7 of the girls (8 including me) are in the beginning stages of a bad cold that we piked up from the babies at the King's Home. They had a nasty cold floating around their little nursery, and even though we tried so hard to keep our hands washed and stay germ free, I'm sure we picked it up from them. Shallisse is doing an awesome job of handing out cold meds, and making sure everyone gets rested up. Please pray for a great rest tonight, and quick healing from this cold. That it doesn't get any worse. 

Pray also for our last night of debrief. That we can soak in our last moments together and gain everything we can from the time we have left. 

Thanks so much everyone!  


Corwin Thiessen3 Comments