Sunday Funday

Well... another annual Sunday Funday has come and gone and truly lived up to it's name. All of the kids and some staff from the Children's Home showed up at the YWAM base yesterday morning at about 10:00 am (about 100 of them), and the festivities began! I could call it organized chaos, but it's really more like just chaotic chaos. Sidewalk chalk, skipping ropes, toy cars, baseballs, 100 soccer games, so much tag, sidewalk chalk again and kids EVERYWHERE! It was awesome! The kids at the home generally live within a pretty structured schedule, so it's a real treat for them to be able to come and hang out with us for a day and just run and run and run with no real structure or plan (see? chaos). We didn't have a program, or a craft. These kids get that kind of thing all the time with teams. We just asked them what they wanted to do... and then chased them around while they did that. We feasted on a fantastic lunch of fried chicken and nachos and cheese (special thanks to my friend Shenny for cooking!), and then after waiting for a looooong year we finally started up the slip and slide!

These kids LOVE a slip and slide. I don't think they've ever experienced one before we started hosting them at YWAM. And they can never remember what to call it. The slip and run. The swim and slide. All they know is that they LOVE it. We had a 75 foot long tarp (the longest one ever!), and a whole bunch of no tears shampoo. We hosed them down, soaped them up and off they went. It always starts off in a somewhat organized line. The kids generally take turns. The older boys try and set a record for how far they can slide. And after about an hour and a half there is one moment where everyone suddenly knows that it's time to charge the slip and slide, and every kid ends up on the tarp in a big soapy pile. It's quite a scene. We only had one minor casualty, little Moses got a bit of a shiner (sorry buddy!), and everyone left at about 3:00 very happy and smelling deliscious! Our team was SO tired. It was a hot day with lots of running, piggy back rides, endless soccer. The team really went for it, and gave the kids every ounce of energy they had. We took a much needed break for a couple of hours before heading to church last night in Roaring Creek. Sunday FUNday.... check!! 

Corwin Thiessen3 Comments