Construction Day 3

Another long day in the sun today, and the court is starting to look like a court! When we pulled up last Thursday the court looked like a hole in the ground with some piles of cinder block laying in stratigically placed piles. And about a mile of sand to be shoveled. Today the court looks half poured.... pretty great I'd say!! As I've mentioned before, this has been a HUGE project. Much bigger than even the forman of the crew was anticipating. It feels less like pouring a cement pad, and more like building a giant house. But step by step we are getting there. Today we pulled into the Children's Home to see that after a long day of work yesterday, the rest of the sand had been shoveled and the whole court was leveled. The team started by tieing rebar and mixing cement for the local crew to dump with wheelbarrows. The team was seriously so amazing today. We are feeling much more comfortable in this climate, and have hit our groove with physical labor. Corwin organized 3 crews to switch out the cement mixing in 15 minute shifts so that nobody got too worn out. Some of the team would work a few shifts in a row (these kids have SERIOUS strength and energy), and everyone did a good job of looking out for eachother. We also had a shift who worked in the baby room and we got to look after those little munchkins all day. Perfect? Yes. (For those of you who have been here before, the baby room is twice the size of the old livingroom. Just for the babies.... imagine!). 

After work we stayed for devotions and supper, again a totally different experience than it used to be. The kids were so happy to have us around, and I could see very clearly the strong bonds and friendships that have formed between our team and these little people. I think the idea of coming home started to creep in today, as I mentioned this morning that today would be our second last day at the home. Just the thought of all of this ending seemed pretty foreign to everyone.  

Some prayer requests for tonight:

-we as leaders have sensed some kids struggling today. Not with the physical labor or any one thing specifically, but just in processing the trip, things from back home, the idea of coming home next week. It may be difficult to understand, but we have come to recognize that this trip is actually more of spiritual exercise than a physical one, and we need prayers for spiritual protection and strength as our team deals with all of these complicated emotions and thoughts.  

-Aimee dealt with some heat stroke mixed with a bad migrain tonight. Please pray that she will be restored to full health tomorrow.

-Praise that everyone else is feeling good and strong. Pray that we will have an awesome day at the kids club tomorrow.  

Keep scrolling down to read a post about Sunday Funday! Thank you SO much for all of your support, prayers, comments, and love! You are a part of us. 

Love Kristin and the team

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