Hello everyone! Kristin here. I'm so happy to report that we have arrived safe and sound in Belize! We had a great day of travel. A bit of a rough start at the airport this morning... due to some delays with the check in process we were once again running to catch the plane. But we made it just fine, and the rest of the day went really smoothly. We landed on time, but were stuck in a huge line in customs here in Belize. We arrived at the base at about 7:00, enjoyed a feast of rice, beans, and chicken, and are now showering and heading straight to bed! It was dark when we arrived at the base, so it will be fun to wake up tomorrow morning to the beauty of the jungle. We start our work project at the Children's Home first thing tomorrow. It will be a long and amazing day! I can't wait for the team to meet the kids, there are only so many ways you can describe an experience and tomorrow everyone finally gets to soak it all in!!

We are feeling very grateful, happy, tired, blessed, peaceful, full, excited and calm all at the same time. To work so hard, have so much support for this trip and to finally have it become a reality is very surreal. We have nothing to say but THANK YOU! This has already been such a huge gift that you have given us. 

Prayer Requests:

-please pray for good weather. It's been very rainy here, and we need some dry and sunny days to pour the concrete for the basketball court. Pray for some sunshine!  

-pray for a great sleep tonight, and renewed strength and energy in the morning.  

-pray for the parents of the team members. I'm sure that we feel pretty far away right now. Pray for peace and strength for those moms and dads who have lent us their kids for this amazing adventure.  


I will try and update again tomorrow, once we are back from the Children's Home. 

Thank you so much for your support! 


Kristin... for the team.  

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