Day One in Belize

Good morning everyone!

I had high hopes of updating again last night, but I ran out of steam and we all went to bed at about 8:45.

It was a crazy couple days… but we are so happy to be in Belize! It is currently about +34 and the kids are outside at the Children’s Home working on a couple of fences!

Yesterday we landed in Belize on time, but found out that half of the team’s luggage didn’t arrive…. so that was a bit of a set back. We made a quick stop at a grocery store to buy some toothbrushes and shampoo and carried onto the base. We ate some awesome lunch and the team had the choice between taking a nap or heading to the Children’s Home for a bit and everyone chose the Children’s Home…. pretty ambitious after only a couple of hours of sleep! So we headed over to meet the kids and hang out for a couple of hours, which was really fun. They were very (VERY) excited to see us and everyone got lots of hugs and we jumped right into games of tag and piggyback rides. I also got asked about 200 times “Ms. Kristin… how many days until Sunday Funday??”.  This Sunday we will host the whole home over to the YWAM base for a day of fun and great food, and the kids are VERY excited. It is a highlight for them every year so they are so happy it is only a couple of days away.

Right after lunch I will head back into to Belize city to pick up the rest of our luggage (yay!) and Richard (YAY!) He is currently on his flight to Belize and will arrive at 3:30pm and we will all finally be back together again. 

You have no idea how blessed we feel to be here. We were so close to losing this whole trip because of the weather in Toronto. We heard that there were 300 flights cancelled in Toronto in 2 days, which means there were thousands of people trying to rebook and fly through there. We heard many stories of people’s trips and vacations getting cancelled and it is amazing that we were actually able to be rerouted and make it here only one day late. When we boarded our plane in Atlanta yesterday the flight was oversold by 2 people. The flight attendants were offering up to $2000 per person for anyone who was willing to get off our flight and fly out a day later. The flight was most likely oversold because of our team, which means they actually gave us tickets that they didn’t really have. We know that the hand of God was at work in making sure we got here, and it makes it even more special to be here. We are here for a reason, and we are so excited to pour ourselves into this country and these people and learn everything we can in the short time that we have.

Check in again tonight because Corwin will likely post a video what we were up to today. 

We will be at the home for the rest of the day working, and then hanging out with the kids once they get home from school. This evening we will be back at the base for supper and some much deserved down time.

Thanks for reading, and for all the encouraging comments! It is great to hear from you.

Much love from all of us!

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