In Winnipeg

Hello everyone!


Just popping in with a bit of an update. We are stuck in Winnipeg overnight, and just arrived at our hotel and are waiting for some much anticipated pizza. Unfortunately we don’t know much at this point. The plane we took here is staying here and will take us to Toronto at some point tomorrow. Corwin is just on hold with WestJet waiting for the updated information on when we will be able to leave. We are hoping that they will make the arrangements to get us out of here early enough, and delay our Belize flight enough for us to make it. We are not sure of much more than that at this point, but we are hopeful and the kids have been great! It’s been a long day….. it took us a loooooooong time just to get to Winnipeg today. But we are hanging in there with prayers and high hopes that everything will work itself out tomorrow!!

All prayers, good thoughts, positive vibes and well wishes welcome…. we need them!

I will update again in the morning from the airport… at whatever time that is!

Winter… gotta love it… AM I RIGHT??

Kristin Clark6 Comments