Happy Birthday Avril & Nevaeh!!

This is Avril and Nevaeh. It is their first year with us and they have been such a huge blessing to us! They are super fun loving and sweet girls that just put a smile on our face. They have really taken a liking to my fiancee Jenna. Every single night after hockey they want her to take them home. They love sitting and watching hockey with her. And they especially love it when she watches them play! Even during boot camp this year I had the pleasure of having Avril on my team. She did incredible scoring 14 goals for us in 9 games! She was a lot of fun to have on the team. She was always so optimistic and was just having so much fun! Just this other week they had their birthday’s on Thursday. Jenna made them cupcakes and brought them to their house. Jenna also had this idea that we should take them out for their birthday. So on Saturday, we took them out to a movie. We took them out to the new Landmark theatre to watch the new How To Train Your Dragon. On the way home we stoped by Safeway and grabbed them some roses. It seemed like the girls had a blast! To be able to spoil these girls and show they that they are special, that they are worth honouring and valued individuals, was super special to me! I hope to get more opportunity to share the love of Jesus with these girls!

Mitchell DiesenComment