Once a year we put on a retreat called Boot Camp;  This is where we take our kids out to Redberry Bible Camp for an incredible weekend of great hockey and even better food!   We take our kids away from their often chaotic home-lives to offer them a safe and fun time away from it all.   

This is often the highlight of our kids year! If you were to go up to these kids and ask them about the Boot Camp the first thing they would say is “Great food, lots of hockey!”  

Boot Camp is not only a highlight for our kids but also for us as coaches and volunteers.   Even though you are so exhausted and your body is totally beaten up at the end of the weekend, it is 100% worth it!  The connections and relationships built from Boot Camp are incredible!  You are playing and coaching kids you’d never get to coach and you build this quick tight bond with your team.  And if your team wins that also helps!  Luckily I was with such a great group of kids this weekend and we were able to win the Wes Thiessen Memorial Cup!  I am so extremely proud of how they came together as a team and played phenomenal as we went 9-0 to capture the championship! 

It is so great being able to have these experiences that we can look back on in 5 years and say, “Remember when…” These moments are so crucial in these kids lives and I’m just so happy to be apart of them!   

“I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done.”

-Psalm 143:5

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