Summer Plans


This summer there are few exciting things on my agenda.  In August we are setting up a booth at the Saskatoon Ex to promote Calbreak.  This is a big opportunity for us and could leave to some major traction and ability to talk to thousands of students that go through the exhibition hall.  It will be long days and lots of people but I am excited for the opportunity.

    The second major thing I am involved in again this summer is working at the Hockey Ministries International Camp in Caronport.  This is something I have been involved in for the past 4 summers and is a great experience every year leading a team.  This camp always leads to great God moments and conversations.

    Another exciting thing I am involved in this summer is we are having a National YFCHL tournament in Edmonton.  We are partnering with YFC chapters in Winnipeg and Edmonton to have a one week tournament to see who the best team is.  Since the stingers won our championship this year we will be going and representing Saskatoon in the tournament.  This is an amazing opportunity, and I cant wait to share more about how the trip went and what God did.

Joeline MAgillComment