Calbreak 2018!


Another year and another amazing Calbreak trip.  This year I felt better then I have felt in a couple years on the trip.  I prayed a lot leading into the trip for God to give me energy, enthusiasm and life and he gave me an abundance of all of them.  I felt like my energy and enthusiasm was contagious and it made the trip better for everyone around.

    One of my favourite things about Calbreak is pushing students to conquer their fears and do things outside their comfort zone.  In my small group there were a few guys that were incredibly intimidated by some of the rollercoasters on the trip, especially some of the more intense ones at Six Flags Magic Mountain.  I loved hearing “I cant believe we went on that” days later from those same group of guys.  I feel humbled to be able to be apart off those moments.

    Calbreak is an environment that just breeds great conversation and the sharing of each others stories.  I was able to share the ways that God has transformed my life and sit and listen to their stories.  I try to be a person that students feel comfortable to share openly and honestly about what they are going through. It seems like waiting in long lines for a rollercoaster or laying on the beach watching the tide come in encourages moments of openness.  I am amazed at how many students are shocked that an adult would care about what they have say and want to listen to their story.

Joeline MAgillComment