Bootcamp 2018

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Another YFCHL Bootcamp weekend at Redberry Bible Camp has come and gone.  Bootcamp is a weekend long tournament where we take the kids from our Wednesday Night YFCHL league to Redberry Bible camp for a floor hockey tournament.  It is the highlight of the year for a lot of the kids involved.  it also leads to the most intense floor hockey action of the season.  The teams that I have coached in the past have always fallen short but this year I was confident in my squad and we ended up winning the whole thing.  I am extremely proud of our team and it was a complete team effort with everyone contributing to our success.  We had a great time bonding together as a team (winning always seems to help with that.

    The Bootcamp weekend always seems to be a weekend where God grabs ahold of the hearts of the students that go and this year was no different.  We had the honour of having Tarrant Crosschild come and share his story with us on Saturday.  God has transformed him in incredible ways I am know that it really connected with our students.  I am not sure what it is about the weekend, maybe its getting away from home, maybe it is a more saturated spiritual environment but it seems God always works in mighty and transformational ways over the weekend.  It is a completely exhausting and draining weekend but it is so worth it.

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