Calbreak 2017

Calbreak 2017 came and went at an incredible pace.  I am humbled to be able to continue to serve and be used by God on this five star experience.  God continues to use rollercoasters, beaches, sunburns, good friends and His people to impact the hearts of the students of Saskatchewan.  I was able to be the bus captain for a group of 35 students.  I had an absolute blast as we became a "bus family" over the ten day trip.  We laughed together, cried together, faced fears together, experienced God together and I hate to say it but got sunburnt together.

The thing I love most about this trip is not the California sun but rather that it is such an out of the box approach to reaching a group of people that generally would have nothing to do with God or church or religion.  The ability to go to California is a huge selling factor that attracts kids that would not want anything to do with a "religious" trip or group.  God has placed a passion on my heart to reach these kids in a real and vulnerable way.  He desires to see them come to Him.  I love being able to expose students to new thought patterns and ideas about God that they may have never considered before of even just to introduce them to someone who loves God that is not of their grandparents age.

Joeline MAgillComment