Thank you!


Thank you so much from all of us at SYFC. We were so blessed and encouraged as many of you gave financially, committed to praying for us, and a few of you expressed interest in learning more about what it means to be a board member. I cannot express how encouraged I was by so many people who said they had a great evening, whether it was learning more about YFC and what God is doing through the ministry as a first time guest, or getting updated on what is happening currently. Thank you very much! We couldn't do this ministry without your partnership!

Our theme this year at our banquet was GIVE LIGHT. John 8:12 was our theme verse for the evening. As the Christmas season approaches this idea of giving light is very fitting. Many of the students we work with live without a lot of light in their lives. Often, Christmas time is not a time for joy, but of heartbreak and pain. My prayer is that the LIGHT of Christ would shine brightly in our city and that Jesus would be lifted up and praised.
Please pray for our team this Christmas season! As we meet with young people, help us to be a city on a hill, that the kids would see the LIGHT of Christ in our lives!

Joeline MAgillComment