Calbreak 2016

I am completely humbled by the experiences that God puts me in. I felt ill equipped to lead this group but it was because of their patience, love, grace and pure awesomeness we were able to have an amazing time. I will miss bus one greatly, but hope this truly was a once in a lifetime trip. 

Calbreak continues to be the highlight of my year, and that was proven again this year.  God is using this trip to impact the students of Saskatchewan in powerful ways.  The friendships that are fostered and the AHA moments that are shared blow me away.  To be able to witness a student crying uncontrollably on a rollercoaster but face her fear anyways and end up smiling and laughing by the end was a powerful moment for me.  How many people in their lifetime face a fear that has that much power on them?  That truly was a God moment.  Calbreak is a safe place for kids to have clean fun, to be adventurous and to feel safe to risk.  I have no doubt God is with us on this trip, sleeping on the bus with us, riding on the rollercoasters with us, laying on the beaches with us, and standing in line with us having those meaningful conversations. 


gil klassenComment