The thing that I love most about God is that He uses the foolish things of the world to do incredible and often miraculous things.  He uses the outcast, the ill equipped and the seemingly disqualified to do things far beyond what they could ever think or imagine.  It is this exact thing that makes Calbreak so amazing.  On the surface the trip seems like not much more then an exciting fun filled adventure, or possibly just a sun filled vacation.  But it is so much more then that.  I have witnessed God transform lives and hearts through this trip.  A large portion of the students that go on Calbreak would not attend a youth group or set foot in a church, and it is through Calbreak they are exposed to the Gospel and the love that pours out of that story.  God is using this trip that might seem like just fun to bring light to students.  I am humbled that He continues to use me.

Kim WorthingtonComment