Turnor Lake

Sometimes God gives us experiences that we never thought we would be able to have.  Recently i got one of those overwhelming experiences.  As soon as i heard about the La Loche school shooting i felt this stirring in my heart that I wish there was something that we as YFC Saskatoon could do.  Instantly the idea of somehow doing a Gymblast up there came to my mind. The next weekend when we gathered for staff meeting it was brought to our attention that someone at Turnor Lake (about 45 minutes form La Loche) had heard about us and wanted to invite us up there to do some gymblast and stuff.   There was a lot of logistics and planning that needed to go into this as it is quite a ways away and would mean some rearranging of schedules and some fundraising, but things just kept falling into place.  We ended up going there for a 3 day trip.  It was awesome to hangout with the kids and to lead in some fun activities and to DJ a little dance party for them.  Even though we were not in La Loche you could see how the heaviness of that situation was weighing on people.  Our team traveled to La Loche one afternoon and just drove around the community.  It was what I expected.  I really wish there was more we could have done, but who knows what God has planned for the relationships that were built.

gil klassenComment