Dimension 4

This year at Dimension four (our YFC youth group) we are doing something different and going form a weekly event to a once of a month big party.  in the past D4 has been on Thursday nights ever week but we have now moved it to every 3rd Friday.  This has been an exciting change that has breathed some new life and energy into D4.  Another exciting development is the partnership with Lakeview Youth and Rock of Ages Youth.  It has always been our goal at YFC to partner together with the local church and this has been a great partnership so far.  We have held 2 D4 nights with well over 100 students at each.  The first night was Rednecked themed.  It involved some crazy redneck inspired food like baked beans and chicken wings.  The second night was an 80's theme with lots of neon and denim.  I am excited to see where things will go and how this community will grow.

Joeline MAgillComment