YFCHL Steak Night Fundraiser

Success is such a funny thing sometimes, like how do you measure success?  It would seem when you are doing a fundraiser that you would measure success by how much money you raise. This is just a small part of the bigger picture.  As I reflect back to the steak supper fundraiser that we had for the YFCHL last night I can't help but smile at the huge success it was.  It was a success in that we were able to raise approximately $2800 dollars to held fund the league.  It was a success in that we were able to expose the league to a bunch of people that may not have known fully what it was about.  But for me the biggest success of the night was the 12 or so guys and girls from the league that helped out.  It was absolutely incredible to see them serving, and they might not even realize it but it was inspiring to just be in a room of people that believe in these youth and want them to succeed.  Recently I have personally just been overwhelmed with how powerful the idea of "believing in yourself can be."  And in relation to that that how much power is in the idea that "God believes in me so much infinitly more."  I care and love the guys and gals in the league but God loves them so much more then I.  I am just so humbled to be involved and to be able to witness powerful evenings like last night.

gil klassenComment