PTSD and the Summer of 2015

Ranger Lake Dirt Camp

The summer of 2015 started of fast and crazy.  I had the privilege of speaking at Ranger Lake Bible Camp at their Dirt Camp.  Dirt camp is a camp that is strictly paintball and for boys age 12-14.  It was a week full of laughs, exciting action, vanilla cokes and welts.  I am pretty sure I had PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) from having a gun pointed at me all week.  I handed out my fair share of welts but I have some lasting scars that still have not gone away.  I greatly appreciated being able to hangout with the guys all day and have so many shared experiences.

HMI Hockey Camp

Hockey camp was one of the highlights of my year last year and I got the chance again to be involved in it.  It was awesome to catch up with some familiar faces and to meet a whole crop of new guys.  I got the chance to be involved in leading some games during chapel and even got to lead a bit of a mini gymblast for everyone.  It is always great for my passion for sports and impacting youth to collide together.  It was a lot of working out and athletics but it is a week I look forward too every summer.  It was awesome to share my story and be real and vulnerable with the guys, and to share that is how God desires us to be with Him.  That’s what it means to give it all to God.  It was a great moment that after I shared my story with the guys in my small group they asked if they could give me a group hug afterwards.  Was a bit of a surreal moment for a bunch of teenage guys wanting to do that but it was a powerful moment for me.


I was excited to visit a new camp this summer that I have never been to that is run by my good buddy Jimmy Schimmel.  The camp was smaller then I was used to but it was still a great experience to connect and share God’s story and plan for all of our lives.  Its mind blowing and humbling when a kid says he wants to be like you and that you are his hero.  I am humbled by the opportunities God has given me, as I share my story and be vulnerable and honest with how God has worked in my life.  God is good and he used me this summer despite my weaknesses and fears.

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