What a crazy ride!


Calbreak was a phenomenal experience just like every year.  This year I was involved in so much more of the planning and administration for the trip so it was so sweet to get onto the bus.  This year was so full of God moments leading up to the trip and I really feel that God was present.  One of those stories has to deal with a girl named Renee.  Renee is a girl that is a group home kid.  She was planning to come on the trip and it was supposed to be paid for through funding from the government but that funding was cut.  This same thing happened to some other kids that are involved in our programs, but she was the one group home kid with no prior YFC connection.  What we (really what God did) was we raised the money so they could come.  This seemed a little tricky with Renee because she has no connection to us, but it was something we all decided was important and that we wanted to do for her.  Being that I was the communication director I had to try and communicate with her social worker about this and that was not easy, as it seemed her worker switched a couple times.  Even though it was a difficult time i grew in my appreciation for the social workers that worked with Renee and their hearts and love for Renee.  They wanted her to go on the trip as bad as us.  We were able to get things figured out and she was able to come on the trip.  When she got to the bus she greeted me with a big hug.  it was an amazing moment.  The crazy part of this whole Renee story is that she used to come to the youth group I ran when I was in Spalding.  It just reminds me about how much God cares for the orphans and less fortunate. And as much as my heart hurt for her that she might not be able to come on the trip, God’s heart hurts more.
Another thing i got to experience for the first time this year was to go to project serve on skid row in California.  I had always just let other leaders go but this year all my small group guys were going so I went with.  It was quiet and eye opening experience.  There were tents and homeless people everywhere.  I got to have a talk with one of the guys that works there named Daniel.  He shared with me about how he is no better then any of the people that live on the street and that he is one drink away from being back where they are.  I want to have a heart like his.  One that is completely free of judgement but is just full of love and compassion.  It was an eye opening experience for me, and one I will never forget.


Playoff Time is here and it is time for the lumberjacks tor try and defend their title.  We are underdogs this year but i am super happy with the core of players we have and it has been a big growing experience for us.  I am happy with our chances and whatever happens it will be a good year.  I have been able to really grow some of the relationships with my players and am excited to see what happens in the future.  The guys at YFCHL are really funny sometimes in how they will message me out of the blue to tell me my favourite hockey team sucks or to share some inappropriate joke.  I always smile when i get those messages because I atlas know they are thinking of me and I must play some sort of part in their story that they take the time to reach out to me.  They are no different then I am in that under the seemingly tough exterior are hearts that desire to be loved and love others.