One of the best and most meaningful times in my week happen on Wednesday night after YFCHL is over and I get to drive home some of the guys from the league.  It is during these drives that I have had the most serious and in depth conversations.  There is something about these drives that the guys seem to open up and share about themselves.  A couple weeks ago I experienced something on one of these drives that I never expected.  As I dropped the last kid off for the evening I waited as he ran to his house.  I then took a moment to look down and check my phone as I had just received a text message.  As I looked up I saw an intensely bright light shining through my windshield.  As my eyes adjusted to the light I realized it was a flashlight and the person holding the flashlight was pointing a gun at me.  The person started walking at me and started yelling to raise my hands and to turn the vehicle off.  He got up to my drivers side window with the gun still pointed at me and yelled to throw the keys out the window.  I did everything he said still not really comprehending what was going on.  At no point was I anxious or scared, probably out of ignorance more then out of courage.  The man then began to tell me he was a police officer and that he needed to see my ID and wanted to know what I was doing there.  I told him that I was this kids hockey coach and that I was dropping him off.  The police officer told me to get out of my car, he had finally holstered his weapon.  He asked me a few questions while his partner went and got the kid that I had dropped off.  It turns out that the police were performing a search on this kids house and that no one was allowed to go into the house.  The kid then had to call his grandma so that he could stay there for the evening as he was not allowed into his own house.  This was a crazy situation that I never expected but it speaks to the reality of the situation of the kids that I minister too.  These kids dont  live the normal suburban life.  They come from unstable backgrounds and sometimes unsafe homes.  As I drove away that night it truly hit me how much these kids need the transforming love of Jesus.  It is easy for me to feel like the things I am called to and do on a weekly basis are not making a difference, but after this encounter I truly feel that God has a desire to use me to help these kids.


This is an area of my ministry that I have not been as diligent as I need to be.  And too be honest with the way things have gone this past year I am embarrassed and afraid to bring up the idea of money and partnership with possible supporters.  I never imagined my life would have taken the turn it did this past year.  But with that being said I truly believe God is working through me and using my story to impact the people i encounter.  I have stumbled, and made many mistakes along the way but God has also been transforming me and using me in mighty ways beyond my own understanding.  I have really grown to love the city of Saskatoon and my ministry here at YFC.  It is something I would like to continue but for that to happen i need people that believe in me and want to partner with me in this ministry to come along side.  I cannot do what God has called me to do without the help of those that are faith to give.  I am so thankful for the ministry partners I have already and I pray and think about you guys quite often.

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