Sometimes My Job is the best

This is a picture of Brandon and I.  Brandon is the nicest kid on the planet and is so likeable and joyous.  I get the privilege of picking Brandon up every week for hockey and it is always a joy to hear what Brandon has been up to.  Brandon is has never missed a week of hockey from when he was  9, he is now 13.  This past week I got a message from Brandon's mom saying that he had broken his leg and is on bed rest for a week till a cast can be made when the swelling goes down.  She then said that Brandon was absolutely crushed and in tears because he would be missing hockey.  Hearing this absolutely broke my heart so I reached out to Brandon to reassure him it would be alright and to heal up and come back when he could.  This past week at hockey Brandon wasn't there for the first time ever and so we decided to send Brandon the following get well video:

I then sent the video to Brandon's mom so that she could show it to Brandon. They were both super thankful and touched.  It was an awesome moment.  Sometimes in  ministry you wonder if you are making a difference.  And last night with learning how much YFCHL meant to Brandon, I learned that the things I was doing are impacting people.  And as much as Brandon loves the hockey he has a God that loves him even more.  I am happy to say that I love Brandon and that God loves us both that much more.

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